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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Home-town Heros Come For A Visit

Hello families! We had another fabulous week! Thank you, Mrs. Lutter, for planning our Middleburg Fire Department visit. It was so much fun meeting our community helpers firsthand. We enjoyed learning about fire safety, and had a blast touring the firetruck - very cool! 

In Social Science, we learned about economic problems, including scarcity, limited resources and having to make choices. In Science, we explored motion, force and friction by using ramps and cars. We utilized the scientific method to understand and record our findings. In Math, we deconstructed numbers, learned ordinal numbers, skip counted, scrolled on hundreds charts, and more.

Thank you for reinforcing word study at home. It is important for students to learn and understand spelling patterns. Reading and writing go hand in hand. If you can spell/read "bake" you can spell/read "take" just by changing the initial consonant. Determining why a word is spelled a certain way, and being able to categorize words by their spelling patterns, creates a deeper understanding and leads to future application.

We are looking forward to beginning the assembly of our "Giving Tree" in the Art Museum. Students will be constructing this tree during DaVinci project days in preparation for DaVinci night. It will be used to highlight our growth throughout the year, starting from the roots up.

Please enjoy some pictures from this week!

 Fire Department Visit, Word Study - word hunt, Reader's Theater & Butterflies


The Green Team
(Mrs. Emmel, Mrs. Browning & Ms. Morgan)

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  1. No question the GREEN TEAM have captured the spirit of heroes in our lives. So easy to be proud!
    Dr. Smith